About Us

Your physician has chosen the Pleasanton Surgery Center for your procedure with the confidence that our staff will make you feel right at home and see to it that you receive the highest quality of care.

Our surgeons are all board certified orthopedic specialists. We are an exclusive orthopedic surgery center which allows us to have ortho trained staff and the highest quality equipment. Our infection rate is 0% due to the fact that we are exclusively orthopedic and we do not treat patients with communicable diseases. This eliminates exposure to other germs and infections during your visit at our facility.

Our Team

Assisting your doctor is a highly skilled team of nurses, surgical techs and administrative professionals committed to making sure that no need goes unmet. Throughout your entire surgical process: scheduling, pre-operative exams, your procedure, your recovery time with us and even a follow up with you at home; our staff gladly offers it's extraordinary services to you and your loved ones.